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  External Articles Featuring Monterey Bay Whale Watch
November 2022: First-ever documented newborn Humpback Whale calf seen off Monterey coast (KSBW Action News 8)
October 2022: Humpback Whales spotted charging Orca trying to hunt in Monterey Bay (Newsweek)
July 2022: The Humpback and the Killer (Radiolab podcast)
February 2021: Orcas Play with Stinging Jellies 'like a dog plays with a ball' (USA Today)
September 2019: Orcas dubbed 'Golden Girls' grab spotlight off Monterey (USA Today)
  Feature Articles by Monterey Bay Whale Watch
April 2014: Orcas attack Gray Whales in Monterey Bay
November 2012: Rare Offshore Killer Whales Feed on Exotic Deep-Sea Fish Opah in Monterey Bay: First Time Documented!
May 2012: Photos of Killer Whale Predation on Gray Whale Calf, with Humpback Whales Intervening
September 2011: Photos of Killer Whale Predation on Dall's Porpoise
April 2011: Wild Killer Whales in Monterey Bay
February 2011: Fish-eating (Resident) Killer Whales Sighted In Monterey Bay
July 2010: An Extraordinary Number of Blue Whales and Humpback Whales Arrive to Monterey Bay
February 2010: Wild Killer Whales in Monterey Bay (updated in April 2011)
July 2008: Summer of 2008 in Monterey Bay: Unprecedented Numbers of Humpback Whales
December 2006: The Winter Migration of Gray Whales Through Monterey Bay
December 2004: Gray Whales Are Heading to Monterey Bay on Their Annual Migration -- Winter/Spring
August 2003: Humpback and Blue Whales are Here!
March 2003: Southern Resident Killer Whales Sighted in Monterey Bay
January 2003: The Gray Whale Migration off Monterey
October 2002: Secret Killers of Monterey Bay
May 2002: Whales Arrive for Summer in Monterey Bay
January 2002: The Blue Planet: Seas of Life    TV Special
December 2001: Gray Whales Off Monterey: Their Southbound Journey
June 2001: Summer Whales and Dolphins
March 2001: Gray Whales on Northern Migration
December 2000: Gray Whales Headed South
November 2000: November Special
July 2000: Blue Whales Arrive in Monterey Bay
May 2000: Spring Brings Humpback Whales to Feed in Monterey Bay
February 2000: Killer Whales from Puget Sound Observed in Monterey Bay!
February 1999: Summary of 1998 Whale Watch Season
January 1999: Killer Whales in Monterey Bay - Topic of the American Cetacean Society meeting January 28. Featured speakers are Nancy Black and Richard Ternullo.
June 1998: Humpback Whales, Dolphins, Sea Lions, and Sea Birds in Multi-Species Feeding Aggregations in Monterey Bay
March 1998: The Birth of a Gray Whale in Monterey Bay
December 1997:  Common Dolphins in Monterey Bay


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