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Monterey Bay Whale Watch
Gift Cards for
Whale Watching Trips

Monterey Bay Whale Watch offers Gift Certificates in the form of Gift Cards for our year-round whale watching trips to observe the spectacular diversity and abundance of whales and dolphins inhabiting Monterey Bay.

Gift Cards can be selected for any amount, to be used for whale watching tickets, Marine Mammal Guides and merchandise in our Gift Shop.

Examples of amounts for the Gift Card: $78 for one adult 4-hour Whale Watch ticket, $156 for two adult 4-hour tickets, $166 for two adult 4-hour tickets plus one Marine Mammal Guide, $181 for two adult 4-hour tickets plus $25 for use in the Gift Shop.

The recipient can choose to buy one or more copies of the concise and comprehensive waterproof guide "Marine Mammals of the Eastern North Pacific" for $12 each.

Our gift shop offers a wide selection of jackets, sweatshirts, t-shirts and other items featuring whales and dolphins. Sample costs are $35 for fleece jackets, $25-$30 for sweatshirts, $15-$25 for t-shirts, and $16 for hats.

To purchase a Gift Card for a Monterey Bay Whale Watch trip, either order online through FareHarbor or phone 831-375-4658 with your credit card information handy.

If you submit the form online, your information will be sent to us via a secure system, and your credit card will be billed for the amount you select.

The Gift Card will be sent by e-mail either to you (the purchaser of the Gift Card) or directly to the recipient. Note that the recipient will need to make a reservation for the date and time of the trip.

See our Whale Watching Trips page to learn more about the trips.

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